2 June 2020

Build an Anvil web app and deploy it to a Raspberry Pi

Last time, I did a video tutorial introducing Anvil, a web-based tool for building web apps. Today I have a new video in which I build a new app in Anvil, and then deploy it to be hosted on a Raspberry Pi, to make use of some Raspberry Pi specific features. This app features a […]

2 July 2019

Mythic Beasts Pi Cloud

Mythic Beasts is an awesome hosting company based in Cambridge. They host the Raspberry Pi website, including the Raspbian archive and download images, and like to make sure we eat our own dog food by hosting the website on new Raspberry Pi hardware for product launches. Mythic built a Raspberry Pi server rack in their […]

18 June 2019


Last week I covered terminal multiplexer byobu, and this week’s tool is quite similar. Terminator is a single-window split-screen terminal multiplexer that allows you to send identical keystrokes to all terminals at once. This means you can SSH into any number of machines, and run the same commands simultaneously, and see them all at the […]

16 April 2019


I was recently introduced to ranger by Dave Jones. It’s an incredibly handy terminal based file navigator that’s written in Python and is available in Debian, Raspbian and Ubuntu. Ranger allows you to navigate your filesystem using the arrow keys on your keyboard: up/down to select files in the current directory (middle pane); left/right to […]